The Booty Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do orders ship from?
A. We are proudly a USA-based company shipping out of California & New Jersey.

Q: What are the weight resistance of the bands?
A. The lap band used for hip thrusts is adjustable. By removing slack from the band you increase resistance. (50-200 lbs) Because the resistance hits your glutes on an angle, unlike similar exercise at the gym, the resistance will feel much greater. The lower setting is great for beginners. At the highest tension, most top athletes will struggle to continuously do the exercise for more than 2 minutes B. Also included are 2 sets of "tube" bands for different resistances and exercise capabilities.

Q: What are the dimensions of the board and is it easy to store?
A: The product is two inches thick and can be easily stored underneath any couch, bed or even in the back seat of your car. It is approximately 56 inches long.

Q: What size waist does the waist belt accommodate?
A: The belt accommodates waist sizes from 28-36 inches. (XS– L)

Q: Are there size limitations for using the board?
A: The board will accommodate most people. Individuals over 6’4” may need to place pillow just off the top of the board as the person’s head may hang off slightly. The weight limit is 220 lbs. Please view the Warnings & Disclaimers tab for more information.

Q: I’m feeling the burn mostly on my legs, what am I doing wrong?
A: In most cases the individual is too high on the board. Re-position yourself 1 to 2 inches down towards your feet, refasten the lap band to a tighter tension, and re-administer the activity.

Q: The lap band keeps sliding through the buckle, is it broken?
A: No, Most likely the lap band is not correctly fed through the buckle. When fed properly the band will not slide through the buckle. See SETUP steps in the instructional guide or watch the SETUP video. It important to keep lap band clean and free of lubricants or oils which could enable the band to slide through the buckles.

B: We recommended that the lap band is cleaned with alcohol to remove any dust from shipping. It’s important not to loosen the band too much whereas the loose end is very close to the buckle. Remember to keep the black band “Loop”, which holds the loose end, slid tight against the buckle.

Q: Can I return THE BOOTY PRO SYSTEM if I am not 100% satisfied?
A: We are confident that THE BOOTY PRO will exceed your expectations and give you the most intense workout you have ever experienced. But if for some reason you are still not satisfied you can return the product in its original box within (30) days of purchase for a full refund by simply paying the return shipping fee. For complete details please view the Return Policy tab.

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